Traveling Brown Girl Blog Carnival

Traveling Brown Girl Blog Carnival

5 Places I’ve Never Been (And Why I Want To Go)

1. Brazil
Brazil holds many mysteries for me. The mystery of unknown family members and places yet to be discovered. Hearing with fondness the stories of my mom’s homeland, the places, the family I have yet to meet. The language that is musical to my ears but remains sadly foreign to me. Yes Brasil as they spell it, is at the top of my list. Brazil going back to my roots.

Visit Brazil

Visit Brazil

2. Italy
I am ready to explore Rome, Florence and Venice, which may be considered a traditional tour.
Adding in a once in a lifetime experience with cooking classes, culinary excursions and unique cultural experiences. A trip to Italy would not be complete for me without Biblical Italy.
3. Bora Bora
Bora Bora summons me with the call of romance, clear blue ocean and amazing over water bungalows in a tropical paradise. It ‘s the most famous of the French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands.
It’s on my list to celebrate an upcoming wedding anniversary. I have been blessed to be married to an awesome,  supportive , loving, handsome Christian man for over 36 years. It will be an amazing celebration.

Bora Bora,  le Meridien

Bora Bora, le Meridien

4. Ghana
On a recent blog post on Travel With Eva – Every Vacation has A Story, Ghana was highlighted.
Two sisters shared their story of how DNA testing led them to discover Ghana.
It reignited my desire to discover it’s culture and heritage. A highlight, I am looking forward to is visiting the slave forts and castles bringing written history alive.

5. Panama

Panama is another destination that holds a family connection.

The Panama canal was one of the most daring and innovative accomplishment at the turn of the 20th century. My grandfather was one of the many men who risked their lives to build this engineering marvel.


After sharing a glimpse of my travel bucket list, I would love to hear yours. What places have you never been and why do you want to go?

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photo by: Benoit Mahe

15 Responses to 5 Places I’ve Never Been (And Why I Want To Go)

  • Brasil or Brazil is top of my list as well. I kick myself, but not too much, because my cousin lived there for 4 years and the year my sister and I planned to go, we had a death in the family. I still can’t believe I haven’t been.
    I’d like to visit all of the S. American countries, but especially Argentina and Colombia. My friends and I are discussing whether to go to Thailand or Panama, a place that I also have family connections.

  • Great list! Thanks for joining the Carnival, Eva!
    There isn’t one place on your list that I wouldn’t love to visit, which often makes it hard to pick my next destination! Italy first? No, Ghana. Wait, Panama. LOL The list is endless.
    Safe travels no matter what country you pick next. =)

  • Lisa:

    One of my biggest regrets is that I lived in Italy for almost 6 months, and didn’t see everything. Of course I did have to work, but I wish I had made more of an effort. Still, great memories and I’d love to go back! Stopping by from the carnival to say hi.

  • Great carnival list! Just got back from Rome last month(will try and post a review next week). Really enjoyed the ‘biblical’ links there and its apparent in almost every public building. I have also been to Venice and Lake Garda. Florence is definitely on the list too.
    Absolutely amazing that you have historical ties to the Panama Canal. I watched the documentary on it, great engineering indeed. Well done to your grandfather for being a part of something like that.

  • I’d happily “travel with Eva” to all these wonderful destinations. 😉

  • Bora Bora is on my list, too…along with Fiji, Brazil and Greece.

  • I hope you are able to visit Panama–what an amazing familial connection! Italy was one of my favorite vacations. I absolutely fell in love with Venice and Milan!

  • Hey Eva, thanks for joining the carnival! It’s pretty cool that you have a familial or cultural/historical connection to most of the places on your list. That means your trip will be much more meaningful when you go. I just have one request …. take me with you!!! LOL!

  • Haaa…Bora Bora. Take me with you! I’d love to explore the South Pacific in depth.

  • Brazil sounds great! I didn’t know you were from Brazil!

  • Love the list and the familial connections! Would love to visit Panama and Ghana too! So many places, so little time…

  • weconnectedprod:

    Love Italia. I’ve been twice, and yes, the biblical references are everywhere. My bible study group is currently studying the book of Romans, and I’m trying to convince them to go on a trip to Rome after we finish the book. My cousin has been to Ghana. My now list is Dubai; London; Paris; Madrid; and Maldives. But I’ve got so many others to add including Brazil.

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